A choice of cast iron pipework systems for soil and waste drainage.

We combine high-quality materials with industry-leading standards to offer soil drainage systems that perform on every level. Meeting the needs of any construction job necessary, Harmer offers two high-performance ranges for both rainwater and soil drainage applications in lightweight and traditional cast iron:

lightweight cast iron pipework system
With soil pipes of lightweight yet durable material, this system is at the cutting edge of cast iron technology. Fully compliant to all necessary standards the Harmer SML range offers a complete pipework system, coming in a range of options to ensure suitability for the job in hand.


We Find the drainage systems that are right for you:
With the choice of traditional or modern soil drainage systems there’s something for every building project necessary, and with market-leading products as well as an exceptional standard of service there’s no need to look anywhere else. Harmer’s soil and waste pipe systems have been used on some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK and beyond with their reputation being unsurpassed, with these ranges offering that ideal mix of performance, durability and exceptional quality in one.

  • Soil and waste drainage 100%
  • Floor Drains 99%
  • Technical Support 100%
  • Kessel Drainage 100%
Copart Chester Car Transportation – Use Ace Car Carriers

Copart Chester Car Transportation – Use Ace Car Carriers

If you’re a big fan of car auctions then you must have heard about Copart Chester. This is one of the best car auctions in the Chester area. If you attend it, you should be prepared in case you win one of the auction and need a car transportation service. In this case, we recommend Ace Car Carriers – Copart Chester car transportation. They offer amazing services and fully equipped transport for all kinds of cars and vehicles from Chester Copart car auctions.

Why you should use Ace Car Carriers?

They offer a broad range of transportation services.

They are reliable.

They operate in Chester, Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Let’s have a look at some of the information from their website:

We are the leading car transporter delivery service provider that organises the efficient collection and delivery of vehicles from Chester Copart car auctions.

Here at Ace Car Carriers, we can help you to pick up your vehicle from Chester Copart and deliver it to any destination in the U.K.

We Transport a Wide Range of Vehicles

We are fully equipped to transport virtually all kinds of cars and vehicles from Chester Copart. Whether you need to transport classic cars, vintage vehicles, restoration projects, SUVs, or sports and prestige cars, we will meet your requirements. Our specially designed car haulage truck has the type of ramps that can accomodate different car models including those that have very low ground clearance.

Transport to UK Ports and Docks

At Ace Car Carriers, we provide special services to enable you to export your car without the hassle. We can help you to deliver your vehicle from Chester Copart to any UK port or dock including Holyhead, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tilbury, Sheerness, Liverpool and all other major ports and docks. We can also assist you with your paper work because of the years of experience we have acquired in this business.

Features and Benefits of Our Car Collection and Delivery Service

At Ace Car Carriers, we work hard to ensure that we provide 100% customer satisfaction. That is why we always offer a reliable customer-focused car transporter delivery service at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons why our clients always recommend our service.

Effective Communication

We are aware of the value you place on your car so we do our best to keep you informed about the movement of your car from the time we pick it up till we deliver it safely to your desired destination. We provide regular notification about the progress of the journey so you can keep track of the actual location of your vehicle.

For more get in touch:

Ace Car Carriers

19 Kylemore Drive Birkenhead, Wirral CH61 6UG

Phone: 0151 329 2971

Electric Contractors With A Fantastic Reputation

Electric Contractors With A Fantastic Reputation

Founded in 1988, American Electric are a fantastic business made up of a team of dedicated and hardworking technicians and electric journeymen, based in Jacksonville, Florida. They work hard to provide state-of-the-art electrical contracting services. Safety is priority one for both their team of technicians and customers. They are constantly developing and researching better and more efficient ways for performing each function and service to enhance the safety of their team and clients. They have a list of different safety procedures such as a drug free workplace and weekly staff meetings on safety practice. They make sure to focus on customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations and delivering the best optimal results.

American Electric
American Electric

They are familiar with the tools and technologies that are necessary to complete a wide range of both commercial and industrial electrical applications. They have a selection of professional references as well as community involvement. Some of their professional associations include R.Kreuger Construction and Godfrey & Langlois Construction. They offer many different contracting services such as contracting, commercial electrical, industrial electrical, instrumentation electrical and control and automation systems. They also offer superior electrical contracting services such as high voltage work and primary and secondary extensions. They deliver comprehensive power solutions and perform electrical contracting services for all businesses. They also provide state-of-the-art commercial electrical services for all business, some of the services are automated doors and lighting systems. Whether your application is military, industrial, municipal or medical they have the resources to accommodate your requirements. Their installation team take pride in their ability to meet project schedules and budget specifications. In addition to maintenance, they also offer start up assistance for any size and type of instrumentation process.

The advancements in control and automation technologies have made it an optimal choice for increasing efficiency, productivity and lowering costs regarding many applications. They have the technical knowledge and resources to accommodate your project regardless of size or difficulty. They offer a range of control and automation systems for military, medical facilities and more. They provide comprehensive project management starting from initial meeting, throughout the process, to project completion. When necessary they generate any and all documentation needed by their clients and make copies of them when they are needed. They provide their clients with detailed reports of their projects progress and make sure to maintain a constant line of communication, either by phone, email or post. They have facilitated millions of dollars for both commercial and industrial applications.

Something The Whole Family Will Enjoy – A Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool

Something The Whole Family Will Enjoy – A Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool

Bestway offer a full range of different high quality above ground pools including steel frame pools and inflatable pools. Both of these pools are quick and easy to set up, with the fast ways inflatable pools they can be set up in minutes whereas with the steel frame pools they can be set up in less than an hour. Although the set up of these pools is quite easy as all you should need is a screwdriver and a hose, they come with a set up and a maintenance DVD. The pools that they offer vary from large pools for the whole family to enjoy to smaller pools for the little ones to enjoy.


Bestway swimming pools are great for so many different things including relaxing, having fun with friends or to have a quick swim. They are made of a strong, durable material so that they will last even longer, to help create more amazing summer memories. All of the pools have a flow control drain valve for easy draining and to make sure you don’t end up with a soggy garden, as well as a safety outlet valve to prevent the entrapment of bacteria and debris, this means the water will stay nice and clean. The only thing that has to be considered when setting up the pool is that it needs to be placed on a flat surface. These pools can stay up for months on end to provide endless hours of fun.


One of their many pools would be the 12ft steel pro pool set. This pool has a water capacity of 6,473L and has a 330gal filter pump. It has a rust resistant steel frame and is designed to withstand the elements; the frame was built to withstand large volumes of water and stand the test of time. It has been made using TriTech construction, this material features a 3ply reinforced layering system, which is made up of a polyester mesh core that has been encased in two coats of heavy PVC gauge, to offer maximum strength and durability. The pool has a flow control drain valve for easy draining. The pool is easy to set up and will take no longer than an hour and can then be taken down quite easily. The pump will help to make sure that the pool water stays clean and the pool can be left up all summer to provide hours worth of fun.



Want to find the right furniture for your home?


Try pine furniture it comes in so many different colours and styles that you can probably find one perfect for everyone. The Bedroom Place is a company who sell all different ranges of pine furniture such as Arctic pine and Corona. Each range has its own furniture, some pieces which another range may not have. They all have their own look like some have an aged, vintage look but others have a more contemporary style to them.

pine furniture5 One of their ranges, Dovedale, is made of solid pine and comes coated in a pristine clean and clear lacquer. Heavy duty plywood is used for drawer bases and backs, all of the drawers are joined by dovetail joints for extra strength. In this range you can get pieces of furniture such as stools, dressing tables and chests of drawers.

pine furniture bedroomIf you want something more unique but stunning, that will stand out more than all of the other furniture, then you should choose the Portobello range. This range comes in whitewash finish, giving it an aged look making it perfect for those who want something more old fashioned, like it’s from a different century.

Or if you’re looking for something more traditional then you can try looking at the Hampton range, this range is made from 100% Scandinavian pine. The drawers come with bunfeet and are all dovetail jointed for maximum strength. The pieces of furniture are available with a selection of wax and lacquer finishes. Furniture wise in this range you can get dressing tables, vanity units, mirrors and many more. This range has a lot more pieces of furniture, with different size measurements, than some other ranges do.

Some of the ranges are slightly similar like the Boston and Vintage ranges as they both have a similar style to them just slightly different shades and some unique features. Some of the ranges are also quite unique like the Essence range. This range comes with an inset drawer and plinth base design, with a wax feeling lacquer. Drawers and wardrobes, come with Victorian styled handles. In this range you can get furniture such as triple mirrors, beds and bookcases.

Pine furniture is made from pine trees, which are evergreen, coniferous trees which are valued for their timber. They are fast growing soft wood which grow in relatively dense stands. Pine is a white or pale yellow colour which is strained grain and lacks figure. It resists shrinking and swelling. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood, to get the perfect end piece.


Warm Your House This Winter With Underfloor Heating

Given the cost of electricity and gas is quite high, people are turning towards more efficient and economical heating solutions. This resulted in the increasing popularity of underfloor heating among householders. It’s most efficient and economical way for heating the rooms and evenly distributes heat throughout the house. These systems are common in some parts of Europe and gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and United State. Investing in underfloor heating is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for winters, as the comforting warmness enhance the feeling of joy and erase daily frustration.

Underfloor_heating_pipesUnderfloor heating kits

Underfloor heating kit are of two types, those that run on hot water, and those that use electricity. The former is called wet system while the latter is named as the dry system. In wet system underfloor heating, a system of pipes is buried underneath the floor. Hot water simply runs within the buried pipes which are off 1.5 inches in diameter. Dry system underfloor heater runs on electrical equipment.

Installing underfloor heating kits

Underfloor heaters are known for their flexibility and can be installed easily to both existing and new build houses. It’s easy to install, and the job can easily be completed by a competent mechanic. You don’t need to search for any specialist for installing the heater and in most of the cases, there is no need to raise the floor levels. It can be rolled simply across the floor of your house.

Advantages of using underfloor heating:

1) Maintenance

Once the underfloor heating kit is properly installed, it requires no maintenance. This not only saves your money and time in the long run but also provides you with other secondary benefits making your life easier.

2) Comfort

In case, if you use traditional heating methods or radiators, heat is not evenly distributed in the entire room. But that’s not the case with underfloor heating, it provides heat evenly to the entire floor making sure that everyone feels comfortable and warm.

3) Saves lot of space

underfloor heating kit imageUnderfloor heater allows you to remove traditional room heater or radiators, this gives you more space and freedom in creating a perfect appearance for your room.

4) Easy and flexible controls

Underfloor heater allows you to set the temperature of different rooms individually. Unlike the traditional heating systems, you have the power to adjust the temperature and effectively heat your house while saving few bucks at the same time.

5) Safety

Safety comes first, if you have a child or pets at your home than underfloor heaters are best option for you. They are underneath the floor, out from the reach of pets or minors and safer than other heating alternatives.

Always make sure you fitter has the correct gas certificates where appropriate.

London plumbing services


Plumbing is a Service provided by London companies for maintenance of their property and areas. In London areas, highly plumbing and heating specialist are available to install, renovation or repair boilers, radiators thermostats on all central heating systems. Activity and fitting electrical room appliances and toilet suites. Each area of room and toilet style from tiles to disabled wet rooms. Burst pipes, flooding and unseaworthy radiators!

In London different plumbing services gives fast response to their client. Emergency plumbers give plumbing services while not fuss once customer wants it most. Their qualified skilled plumbers are on-call twenty-four hours every day seven days every week to service room appliances and replace unseaworthy valves, taps, blocked drains, sinks and even flood clearance as well as different plumbing services.

Pimlico Plumber is a top most company of London provide basic services of plumbing. Pimlico Plumbers give services for all of their domestic maintenance necessities that personify heating, plumbing, bathrooms, drain clearing, electrics, appliance installation and repairs, carpentry, roofing, and building. A clear charging system at competitive and economical rates, secured work with a twenty-four-hour service and one-hour response makes Pimlico London’s leading, largest and quickest service company. Pimlico’s’ manpower is based on 270 features a comprehensive talent have the quality of extremely fully fledged tradesmen from energetic engineers to bricklayers.

aspect.co.uk is a property maintenance company provide different services at different ranges. At aspect.co.uk, they tend to aim to produce the best common place of property maintenance in London and therefore the Home Counties. They provide friendly, award winning client service from plumbing services to electricians and interior designers to gas engineers. There services area unit accessible twenty-four hours daily, customer can recognize they are always available for providing services when customers need it. North American nation aspect.co.uk have extremely qualified and intimate plumbers able to reply to any job. They provide all their customers a minimum six month guarantee on all of their plumbing services, thus client/ customer have peace of mind. They tried to hire highly qualified London plumbers. Their plumber delivered high quality of work. They provide education to NVQ Level 3 to their all plumbers. Plumbing may be a trade they have been providing since their humble beginnings and over the years they have congregate a powerful, numerous team of dedicated engineers.

VHL is another company of London provide Plumbing services and Central heating specialists. VHL serve residential and business customers throughout London together of the leading plumbing and heating firms within the country.

Their ability to supply a highest quality normal at rock bottom value has crystal rectifier to North American country forming links with many landlords, rental agencies and social housing organizations, acting maintenance and plumbing and heating repairs altogether varieties of property.

Different large companies and offices have central heating system mostly contact with VHL for services

AATBF is another famous company of London provides plumbing solutions for home and business. Their plumbers are qualified for performing small home-based tasks like  repairing of Washing machines, Leaks and burst pipes, Blocked drains and sinks, Immersion Heaters, Waste disposals, WCs and overflows, Hot and cold water storage tanks, Shower pumps and other electrics Plumbing emergencies

Different Plumbing companies from London are working for facilities their customers and play a role in the maintenance of London property.